KZONE® Cycling Computer

KZONE Cycling Computer Console


The KZONE Cycling computer provides individual feedback whether users are training in a group or on their own. The data provided will give members even more control over their training by providing immediate feedback. Users are now able to measure their progress and track their intensity while enjoying the cardiovascular and strength benefits of Kranking.

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Weight 64 oz


  • Quick adjust bracket allows for smooth transitions between seated
    or standing positions
  • Large 3” X 2” display for easy viewing
  • It helps users to track personal progress and achieve their fitness goals
    In a group setting, the console allows instructors to deliver a uniform class
    based on HR and cadence.
  • The Krankcycle computer uses wireless ANT+ technology and mounts directly
    to the Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix frame for a seamless look.
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