Becoming A Kranking® Instructor



Johnny g Kranking® Instructor Training Workshop

.8 ACE CEC's «» 7.5 AFAA CEU's «» .8 NASM «» CAN FIT PRO 4 FIS / 4 PTS CEC's

$199 USD  / participant
An 8-Hour course delivered by a College of Knowledge Education Representative.

(An authorized ACE-AFAA-NASM-Can-Fit CEC Provider)

    Course Objectives:
  • The Kranking Philosophy
  • KRANKcycle® Setup, Fitting & Operation
  • The Johnny G Energy Training System™
  • Teaching Methods & Class Design
  • Personal Training Applications
  • Biomechanics and Physiology of Kranking
  • 5 methods of implementation
  • Integrating Kranking into your existing programming
  • Kranking and Special Populations
  • 2-3 hours of practical training where you'll experience Kranking in several formats, and practice class/training protocol design.

  • Kranking Instructor Manual/Workbook
  • Certificate of attendance for CEC submission
  • "Special Offer" discounts at the KRANKcycle store
  • Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition as a "Johnny G Kranking Instructor™" upon successfully passing the on-line mastery exam, and be listed in our registry of qualified instructors.
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